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Orbitall is a functionally rich solution addressing the core operational activities of a business to provide an integrated solution that increases staff productivity, satisfaction and effectiveness which should translate into a positive impact on your overall business performance.

Orbitall Business Software Solution

Financial management may also be seamlessly provided through integration with Sage Instant and Sage Line 50 software applications. This integration is possible through the involvement in the Sage Developers' Programme on the part of Priory Consultants Limited, the sole author and owner of IPR relating to Orbitall.

The agreement relating to this subscription, and which also applies to all third-party software developers, places an obligation on Priory Consultants Limited to make clear that Priory Consultants Limited act as an independent contractor authorised to develop Sage (UK) Limited Software and that Priory Consultants Limited is not in any other way connected with or a part of Sage (UK) Limited

Prospective clients should also be aware that Priory Consultants Limited is not authorised to act on behalf of Sage (UK) Limited whatsoever.

Ease of use coupled with navigation features that enable users to speedily complete tasks translate into the high satisfaction ratings that we achieve in the regular surveys completed by staff employed by our clients.

We also believe that whilst our software is suitable for a very broad range of businesses there are always opportunities to extend our solution to suit the individual needs that potential clients require.

We invite any interested party to contact us for further information about Orbitall and are happy to conduct an online demonstration or visit prospective clients any time.

You could also take advantage of our offer that allows you to download a trial version of Orbitall for you to review at your leisure.

Contact us if you would like to obtain a trial version that integrates with Sage financial software as these are readily available but would best be installed after some free assistance on our part.

We also offer limited free remote support and guidance for any company undertaking an evaluation of our business software.

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March 2015
Distribution Features Added Pre-shipment inventory allocation comprises batch identification of planned despatch with a related facility to produce an advice note for communication to a distribution services provider.

Further facilities to record associated costs with an individual purchase order or sales order introduces the ability to monitor sales margin for identied batches of inventory.
June 2014
Telesales Added a further method to enter sales orders that allows review of past customer shipments with selective addition of items to the current order.
November 2013
Reverse Engineering Request Permits the recovery of finished item components that can be placed in stock for future use. Facility also integrated with purchase order receipt to allow a generalised item (such as timber bundle) to be associated with a defined set of underlying products which are received from the supply chain.
September/October 2013
Requirements Planning Raw material requirement calculation engine taking account of inventory levels to determine net purchase commitments, based upon any number of user defined plans to produce finished items and sub-assemblies. User acceptance testing estimated to be completed by December.
July 2013
Pricing Per Quantity Sales and purchase order pricing extended to further qualify the 4 digit line price as I, V, X, L, C and M to signify per 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 1,000 respectively.

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