The following commentary identifies a number of features that, hopefully, provides a sufficient degree of information for you to identify whether this free resource might be worthy of investigation. If you have any queries that you would like an answer to please send an email and you will receive a response.

BOM Engine: The ability to define a multi-level bill-of-material (often referred to as product build or structure) is incorporated into an entirely new module, unique to this version, that consolidates all developments in this area. There is an ability to incorporate what might be referred to as features and options that often reflect aesthetic choices that are available.

Process Definition: Step-by-step instructions that define the product activities required to build, assemmble or manufacture a part are maintained with user version control.

Quality Control: Product links to suitably designed workbooks provides a flexible mechanism for the recording of relevant product checks and measurements. This includes, for past clients, FAIR (First Article Inspection Reporting) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) examples.

Production Order: Combining bill-of-material and process step-by-step details provides the capacity to produce physical or digital paperwork that provides a basis for production reporting, scrap recording and quality control. The ability to record production and either manually or automatically issue component and raw material to production activity will be reflected in the inventory audit trail and control of stock levels.

Paperless: A flexible user defined "linking" feature permits any number of external files (PDF, workbooks, Word documents) to be associated with a production order. Examples might include originating request, any production plan sign off and in fact any relevant paper based information that might be digitised.

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