Orbitall Freeware

As an existing client using Orbitall you have received advance notification, containing the link to this page, about plans for this cost free version that is being made available to a wider audience in the near future.

This release should incorporate most (if not all) of the combined features that have been developed over time to address the different needs relevant to our clients, including those that may be specific to your business.

One fundamental change, however, is the removal of the relatively seamless integration with Sage that is a feature of the version you currently use. This is a consequence of the situation that was communicated to all our clients, in January 2019, when Sage unilaterally introduced a substantial uplift in the annual subscription that was required to retain involvement in the Sage Developer Programme that provided access to the Accounts Software Development Kit.

In order to address that situation the data export facilities, that have always been a feature of all client versions - and are even more extensive in this version, will enable data transfer that, in conjunction with Sage transaction import, will update sales and purchase ledgers. Those data export functions may also be easily utilised to provide a degree of integration with alternative accounting applications that are available.

Seamless integration is NOT ruled out altogether and ongoing efforts in this area will progress in order to reduce the need for manual activity that data transfer imposes.

Video Stream

There is an opportunity for your business, as an existing client, to undertake a review of this version of Orbitall although to do so will require some effort to modify your current database.

This will involve a cost, dependent to some extent on views about needs relating to any "new" features, but as a "current user" this would be kept to a minimum, for any commitment agreed before the end of 2020.

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